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The first edition of this sold quickly as both artists are natives of and well known in Chiswick. Waterstones wisely decided to stock the book so we printed a second edition of 100. 

Osborne and Reichardt have embarked on a witty and scurrilous romp through their local manor by collaging and subverting a collection of vintage postcards of 20th century Chiswick. Monochrome Victorian Cards and garish  souvenirs from recent decades are given an irreverent and critical edge with the use of the artists’ trademark slogans and visual leitmotifs. The duo’s anarchic road trip through the streets they grew up in celebrates the history and eccentricity of Chiswick. it’s a mad cocktail of ‘A La Recherche du Temps Perdu’ laced with a shot of Benny Hill. It’s naughty. It’s local. And it’s only a tenner!

Mad in Chiswick

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