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The storming success of last summer’s Cash is King -The Art of Defaced Banknotes book, which was launched at The Saatchi Gallery with a sell out exhibiton of framed and affordable money art from all over the world has led to a massive demand for Cash is King 2. The limited edition of 1000 hardback Cash is King books, all signed and numbered by artists Bob Osborne and Carrie Reichardt, found its rightful place into the permanent collection of The British Museum and The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge as well as being sought after by countless galleries and private collectors. So what started as a fun project has gathered pace and become a piece of Art History. Cash is King 2 will follow the format of the first book with 172 pages of colour illustrations in hardback with a dustjacket ripe for defacing and fascinating texts by academics and the artists themselves.   We have managed to get some outstanding curators on board who have bought in artists from all over the world. We are constructing the book and planning to send it to print in St Ives ready for publication in May/June.  It is available to pre-order and purchase now and the first 500 copies will be sold for £15 each before the £20 retail price kicks in. Shipping costs will apply. So if anyone wants to secure a copy and doesn’t mind waiting a couple of months for delivery there is a £5 discount for all orders placed thorough the online shop at  Happy Days!


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